Our Family

The Gorge Family

Jeff & I have partnered in life for 18 years now.    Our daughter, Edie, is funny and creative, with a love for little ones and animals.  Our Son, Sam, is responsible and thoughtful – just like his dad.

We’ve been blessed beyond measure.

Each of us will be experiencing the Pilgrimage in different ways – with a different voice.   Our separate blogs are essentially our travel journals.    We want to have a record of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences – not only so Grandma can keep up with us and not worry – but also so we can look back on this, years later, and be transported right back to these treasured moments.

We hope that you enjoy this year with us – and maybe even get inspired to pray your own little prayer and find the path that God has planned for you.

Here’s to the journey.

With Love,

The Lancasters