Faith over fear – Fighting the battle.

This morning I’m looking at our home and thinking,

“I love my house, my friends, my job, our life here in Greencastle…..can I really let go of it?”

“In downsizing from a 2800 sq ft house to a 250 sq ft box on wheels – are my kids going to murder each other?  Will Jeff and I really be ok?  Is this going to build us up or totally ruin us?”

“Can I really homeschool these kids?”

“Can I really lead them spiritually without the support & community of our church?”

“Are we building the memories to last a lifetime – or are we making the biggest mistake of lifetime?”

I’m not gonna lie…I’m ok…I really am….but sometimes, all this change feels like more than I can handle.

But here’s the thing – We dreamed about this – We prayed about this – and God answered us in such a CLEAR way!  (read about that here)

God knew I would NEED to look back on that moment of answered prayer on days like today – when moving forward feels overwhelming.

On days like this, Looking backward is helping me move forward.  Remembering God’s faithfulness helps me choose Faith over fear.

Today I have my little battle to fight – and bet that you do too, friends.  I realize that our changes are ones that we are willingly stepping into – many of you are dealing with changes that were not of your choosing – illness, financial strain, the loss of a loved one….

Whether it’s the unknown, the unwanted, the unclear – We all battle – and we are not meant to be in competition with one another – but instead to uplift and encourage one another by sharing our stories and praying for one another.

That is why I’m sharing with you today – and why I hope you’ll share your battle with me.

Are the changes in your life rattling you?   Is there something in your world that feels overwhelming?  Are you struggling to control the situations you find yourself in, or the people you find yourself with?

Or, do you have a story of moving through change – or acting on what God told you to do, not knowing how any of it was going to work…?   IF so, PLEASE Share.  Sharing your story WILL encourage someone.  That I know.


If you share a battle with me, I promise to pray for you.   

If you just can’t share – that’s ok.  God knows & below are some words of encouragement  &  a song of praise to help you keep fighting today.


Proverbs 16:9 keeps coming to my mind.  In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.

We have a God who loves us, knows us, and is free from the restraints of time – A GOD who knows and secures our future.

Jesus is establishing our steps – and walking WITH us.

Whatever your battle looks like, dear one, you are LOVED, and you are not alone. 

Here’s to the journey.






1 thought on “Faith over fear – Fighting the battle.”

  1. As I look back on my life, anytime I started to feel settled and comfortable, things got all rattled and shaken up again. Maybe God is trying to show me that the security and stability that I desire just can’t be found here on this side of heaven – not really.
    Here we are, in the midst of our newest adventure. Like you, we had clear direction from Him to leave our home and start something new. We are already rattled and looking to God for the next open door.


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