Buckle Up!

I think we’ve all asked ourselves, “If we could do anything we want, what would we do?”.

For Jeff & I, the answer has always been simple – Hit the Road!!!!!

And some crazy stuff has happened in our lives over the past year that is allowing us to do just that!

So we’re going to!

We’ve rented the house, bought the camper, did some minimal planning, and now we’re LIVING on the ROAD!

Is it the most responsible financial decision?   ……eh…..probably not.   Have we ever even driven an RV before?    …..well…..uh…..no.  No we haven’t.   Do we have any idea what we are doing?     …yeah….no….not really.

But, we feel good about it.   Great about it.   PEACE about it.   

I have no idea what we’re getting into, but I know that God is blessing us and allowing us to do this (check out the Big God story behind it all here)

And I believe that what we experience out there will shape the rest of our lives – and the lives of our kids – in ways we can’t even begin to imagine.

So…..Here we go….into the Unforgettable!

Buckle Up.